Inmate’s Wife Explains Why Husband Joined Group Suing Jail


PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. – The wife of a Pulaski County inmate is speaking out in hopes of equal and fair treatment inside the county jail.

LaTonya Blocker says her husband is one of nearly two dozen inmates suing the Pulaski county jail, the sheriff and staff members.

“He is an awesome father,” Blocker says of her husband, Winston Donahue.

“He has nine children.”

The smile on Blocker’s face shines almost as bright as her wedding ring as she talks about Donahue.

We profiled Donahue in 2017 as part of Little Rock’s re-entry program. He had landed a mechanic job after serving time for drugs.

“He loved the job,” Blocker says.

“The job loved him.”

After a bump in the road, Blocker says Donahue has found himself behind bars facing a new gun possession charge.

She says his latest stint in county jail has been an even bigger bump.

“The safety, security issues,” Blocker says.

Blocker says her husband and other inmates suing the jail claim there are cameras with blind spots.

In letters written as part of the lawsuit, inmates allege there are staff shortages and no time away from their cells despite others enjoying that liberty.

“If you have those who are incarcerated cooperating and doing what they’re supposed to do and that’s served their time, they need to be treated fairly,” Blocker says.

It represents allegations of unjust actions that have now prompted legal action.

The Pulaski county attorney declined to comment on the lawsuit because it is an ongoing legal matter. The county attorney says he has not seen or been given any official paperwork regarding the lawsuit.

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