LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  – Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin’s Office was recently granted a default judgment on their cases against an unlicensed contractor who was at the center of a FOX 16 investigation.

Stephen Rast first made headlines last year, accused of scamming customers out of thousands. Some say he promised to do contracting work for them and then never showed up.

The attorney general’s office filed a lawsuit against Rast and his wife and business partner Taylor Wells in December 2022.

In July, the attorney general’s office filed a warning order against Rast and Wells, giving them 30 days to respond or the case would continue without them.

A judge with the Pulaski County Circuit Court issued the final default judgment in the first week of this month.

Griffin said it’s a win for his staff, but there is still work to be done. The attorney general’s office said they will now turn their focus to Rast and Wells’ assets.

“You got a lot of people who are out of money, who are angry, frustrated, and ultimately they want to be made whole again,” Griffin said.

Griffin said seeing if Rast and Wells have assets to give could be the most challenging part of the process.

“We do see situations where legally we get exactly what we want, but from a practical standpoint we are unable to make victims whole because there is no money available,” Griffin said.

Griffin said he is hopeful his office will be able to get money back to the victims in this case, but if Rast and Wells have nothing, that could leave many still empty-handed.

The attorney general said his team is working diligently on this case and is asking the public to remain patient.