SEARCY, Ark. – There’s something about returning to a town where street corners cast a shadow on a family with so many questions and nowhere to turn.

Shannon Green’s little brother Jarrod Green is missing and has been for nearly three decades.

“He was only 20 years old. I don’t think people can comprehend that,” she said. “This place is just full of Jarrod and the last place he was.”

Shannon lives out of state now. She made the drive back to Searcy on a quest for answers. She’s sharing Jarrod’s story with anyone who will listen.

“My brother was involved in drugs and the drug trade was really rampant. It still is in this area,” Shannon said. “I think there were people in those positions of power that had ties to that.”

Details surrounding Jarrod’s disappearance in September 1994 are laid out in court documents. Investigators believe Jarrod had plans to meet a man in North Little Rock, but his car never left town. Officers found his car abandoned several days later in a shopping center parking lot — in Searcy.

“We’re trying to determine did Jarrod make it all the way to North Little Rock where he was going,” Shannon said.

She says her parents were trying to get Jarrod into rehab before he disappeared. Shannon had just started college and says she had no idea how bad it had gotten.

“To watch my parents, to watch the toll it took on my mom and my dad, that was worse,” she said.

In 2017, Searcy police arrested a man on charges of capital murder and abuse of a corpse. FOX 16 News is not identifying the man because the case was dropped a few months later in order for detectives to investigate more.

“In a case like this, we have one shot at getting a suspect prosecuted and in jail,” Sergeant Steve Hernandez said in 2018. “We want to make sure that the one shot we get, we get everything right.”

Jarrod is missing to this day, but Shannon fears the worst.

“It’s one thing to lose somebody and know they’re gone and knowing you just have to accept it and bury them and mourn,” she said. “That’s different than having 28 years of not knowing for sure.”

Shannon said her father died a few years ago, so it’s important for her to get their mom some kind of closure.

“For my mom’s sake, I want the closure for her,” she said. “I want the closure for her, for myself and for my brother, for Jarrod. Because he deserves a burial.”

If you have any information on what happened to Jarrod, you are asked to call the Searcy Police Department at 501-279-1038.