LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Little Rock residents living in the Breckenridge area said Entergy crews damaged landscaping when doing work near powerlines late last month.

David Sewell has lived in his home for four decades. He said his backyard used to feature trees and flowers that provided natural privacy and beauty. In late July, Entergy crews came by to “trim” around the power lines, Sewell said, but they destroyed much of the yard’s natural features in the process.

“They didn’t use discretion at all,” Sewell said. “They cut everything, even my flowers.”

Sewell said he wasn’t notified crews would be in his yard. When he spoke to workers, they assured him they were only trimming.

“Everything was gone,” Sewell said. “Even my daffodil flowers were gone.”

Another neighbor did not want to be interviewed, but she showed FOX 16 around her yard. She said she was notified that work would be done, but she did not anticipate her yard to be laid bare.

“It’s amazing how many neighbors had the very same problem,” Sewell said. “[They were] very upset.”

An Entergy spokesperson sent a statement in response.

“Entergy routinely maintains the vegetation along our power lines to ensure appropriate clearance for safety, reliability and tree health. We hire professional tree-trimming contractors who are trained in Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations, the latest arboricultural techniques and safety procedures. We are committed to pruning trees within the utility right of way professionally to maintain their health and improve reliable electric service. Customers should call 1-800-ENTERGY with questions or an issue with tree trimming in the area.”

Sewell said Entergy could make this right by paying for damages.

“It’s going to cost a lot of money to buy new stuff, pay somebody to come plant everything back,” Sewell.

Emails shown by Sewell indicate internal reviews by Entergy staff concluded company policy had been followed and no wrongdoing was done.