CABOT, Ark. – Neighbors in Cabot said they’re frustrated with an internet and cable company that left wires exposed for more than six months.

Garry Caldwell lives in the Thunderbird neighborhood. He said he’s running out of patience, walking FOX 16 News through what he said has been a nuisance for months.

“I have to push the mower down, raise the blades up. Literally, I’m picking the mower up and going over this line,” Caldwell said. 

Running along his front yard is an internet cable that he said has been there for months.

Caldwell said Optimum crews originally came out to replace the wire but never buried it.

“If someone hits it, I’m going to lose cable and internet, and there’s no guarantee when [crews will] come,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell said in the past six months, he’s called the 1-800 number, gone into the local store, and spoken to a manager about the issue. He says it extends well beyond his front yard.

“Down the street, there’s a black line laying there. When I walk the neighborhood, I can see it on other streets. It’s all over the city of Cabot,” Caldwell said.

Neighbors say some of the lines belong to Optimum. FOX 16 News reached out to the company and they shared a statement.

“Optimum is currently investigating this matter, and should it be determined they are our lines; we will take the immediate and necessary steps to secure them as quickly as possible. If customers are experiencing any issues with their service, they can reach out to Optimum customer service for support.


Caldwell said he’s tired of seeing lines out in the street.

“It’s just a matter of time before these lines break or teenage kids want to pull a prank or you know, it’s just really irritating,” Caldwell said. “It doesn’t look good for the neighborhood.”

Optimum staff said they are continuing to investigate the issue and will update as soon as they can.

Since the walk-through with Caldwell, he said his line has been buried. The other two remain exposed.