LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – City leaders will conduct an inspection at the Big Country Chateau apartment complex in Little Rock, according to an email obtained by FOX 16 News. This comes days after residents were told water would be shut off September 1.

The email was sent by City Attorney Tom Carpenter to Little Rock Board members. It detailed past controversies at the apartment complex, which includes unsafe living conditions.

“A meeting was held today to discuss this apartment complex,” Carpenter said. “Present were the Department of Planning & Development, the Department of Housing & Neighborhood Programs, the Little Rock Fire Department (including the Chief and the Fire Marshall), the Little Rock Police Department, and my office. The history and issues were discussed in some detail.”

Last Friday, the Central Arkansas Water Company distributed flyers informing residents their water services would be cut off September 1 with no plans to resume.

A manager who asked not to be identified said an ownership group based in the Northeast was behind on paying several bills and was responsible.

People living at the apartment complex pay a lump sum rent that includes water and utilities.

“If you say everything is included, and we’re doing everything we’re supposed to do on our end, why can’t you do your stuff?“ said one resident who asked to not be identified.

Since FOX 16 News first reported the water issue Monday, city administrators held that meeting Tuesday. The problem was briefly discussed at the board meeting Tuesday night.

Big Country Chateau’s management team distributed new flyers Tuesday telling tenants the water problem will be solved, and owners agreed to fund other improvements. These include 24-hour security on the property, fixing the parking lot, repairing the gate, updating landscaping and more.

“As with any situation, it is easy to point fingers and assign blame,” the flyer said. “I would say that it is times like these that we should all pull together and everyone do their part to help make this a clean, safe and peaceful environment for all of us to enjoy.”

Residents complained of mold, ineffective air conditioning units, repair requests that have not been filled and poor communication. Others said they witnessed managers try to fix some problems but get overridden by owners over the phone.

“Everybody should keep their money until everything gets fixed out here,” one tenant said.

Carpenter said it will be difficult to know how the city can help without the inspection, which will likely be within 3-5 days. 

“That said, if the inspection reveals any life safety conditions that need immediate attention, the City will respond accordingly,” Carpenter said in the email.

That said, if the inspection reveals any life safety conditions that need immediate attention, the City will respond accordingly.