FORDYCE, Ark. – Dallas County is without a sheriff after a sudden resignation Monday.

Sheriff Stan McGahee said he is resigning effective immediately just days after our station uncovered an investigation into the alleged removal of a federal inmate.

People living in Dallas County are left with many questions, especially since the Sheriff was running for reelection this November. With him suddenly resigning, many fear they may never have the full reason why.

“There’s a lot of stuff be happening in a small town,” said lifelong Fordyce resident Connor Cox.

Quiet is normally a fair description of Dallas County, but this week everyone is a buzz. In their minds and out their mouths rumors of Sheriff Stan McGahee after he immediately resigned Monday, telling us by phone, “My heart is saddened” and “I let a lot of people down.”

“I think a lot of people want some justice for it. They want some fairness, and I don’t think we’re seeing a lot of justice or fairness,” Cox said.

The United States Marshals Service confirmed Friday that the agency opened an investigation after accusations that a federal inmate was removed from the Dallas County jail without authorization.

Sources told our station that the sheriff is the person who removed the inmate. It is unclear how long the sheriff is accused of having the inmate out of the jail, but authorities believe the federal inmate did not leave Dallas County.

J.W. Adair is another lifelong Fordyce resident, and he calls the former sheriff his friend.

Adair said, “I think probably somebody did something wrong, and maybe something needs to be done, but a man losing his job over that? I wouldn’t think that’s a serious enough crime for that.”

Adair said his belief is McGahee resigned to avoid being charged and losing his retirement.

“I would love to have the answers, but I don’t think you’ll ever have any answers,” Adair expressed. “I don’t think he’s going to comment on it all, and I don’t think anything will be done on the investigation either.”

 At this point and to our knowledge, no charges have been levied in the U.S. Marshal’s investigation.

The Dallas County Quorum Court will figure out an acting sheriff at its next meeting and then make a recommendation for the governor to appoint. To give citizens proper notice, the regularly scheduled quorum court meeting on July 19 has been postponed.

Dallas County Judge Clark Brent’s office said the County anticipates holding a special meeting on July 21, but that is not yet a set date.

Cox asserted, “We’re just going to have to let God handle and see what’s revealed later.”

Sheriff McGahee was up for reelection this November, even winning his primary, but the county clerk said the only person left in the race now is Mike Knoedl and he will likely be unopposed.