LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As police in Little Rock face growing staffing and crime issues, recommendations could be made to help the department tackle the problems.

The Center for Public Safety Management sent a draft version of what it found after the Little Rock Board of Directors authorized a nearly $90,000 study last year to review police operations.

The draft copy, obtained under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, is roughly 200 pages. The Washington-based firm offered options for Little Rock police on how to staff patrol officers while also lowering 911 response times and meeting the public’s demand to be proactive.

The study found several units throughout the department where an officer is assigned that the group noted could likely be filled using civilians, which would allow more officers to work the street.

The draft version also shows the department needs more vehicles. The report finds a 2009 police car, used by SWAT, had 293,000 miles and received a new transmission.

The firm notes control over the city’s 911 center, which was transferred from the police department to fire department, created ‘some issues.’ On page 127 of the report, it reveals a plan to move the city’s communication center from under the fire department to be a stand-alone city department.

The study includes photos captured inside the property and evidence room, located under the District Court building. The group describes it being in ‘terrible condition’ and inadequate for the department’s needs. The report adds the city recently purchased space to store all evidence items from homicide investigations.

The study also recommends LRPD should work on communication from the top to the bottom and the bottom to the top.

LRPD has already implemented some ideas, like the ability to file police reports online. FOX 16 News reached out the department for a comment on the draft but has not received one.

It’s important to note, it’s only a draft version and the city could still make modifications or other changes. It’s unclear when the final version of the draft will be released.