LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A federal judge dismissed a civil rights lawsuit filed by Chief Keith Humphrey of the Little Rock Police Department against more than 20 people and the Fraternal Order of Police.

In the 95-page suit filed in September 2020, Humphrey claimed there has been an organized effort to get him off the force.

“It’s not about Keith Humphrey, you don’t treat people this way,” Humphrey said at a news conference last year announcing the lawsuit. “I didn’t talk to the mayor, no part of this city was involved in this. This was a decision I made, who I talked to was God and my family.”

Last month, Humphrey’s attorney notified the court that he planned to add the city to the case. That addition did not happen before the judge’s ruling on Wednesday.

Humphrey has been in the middle of multiple legal entanglements during his tenure running the LRPD, including lawsuits claiming he showed favoritism and retaliated against former department employees.

Earlier this week a report from a city human resources investigator surfaced stating that Humphrey and two other high-ranking officers had been involved in  “racial discrimination, hostile working conditions, and retaliation,” leading to a situation the investigator called “a preventative crisis.”

FOX 16 Investigates has reached out to Humphrey for a comment on the dismissal of the case. His attorney has said he plans to comment but as of press time has not provided a statement.