MAUMELLE, Ark. – A Maumelle resident is hoping, again, to get answers on the road conditions by her house on Crystal Hill Road.

Janet Watkins lives right off Crystal Hill Road, near Counts Massie Road and the Arkansas River.

Back in 2021, she spoke with FOX 16 News about her concerns with the gravel road, landscaping, and lack of street signs.

Now, more than two years later, she said while some progress has been made, it should have been completed a long time ago.

“We were told by the mayor when this first started that we’d have one of the most beautiful, scenic drives in central Arkansas,” Watkins said. “The Arkansas river is just across the street.”
Watkins said the road was under construction for years, but as of the last five or six weeks, she has not seen anyone out working on it.

“You can see the weeds are just so tall here,” Watkins said. “This is all supposed to be dressed up and landscaped.”

Watkins said she has complained to the mayor several times over the years. She added that her specific concerns are the lack of signs, streetlights, landscaping, and she noted that while part of the road has been paved, it becomes gravel at a certain point.

She said she was also told there would be two lanes with a median.

“I can’t get the city to come down and mow the weeds, and we already have potholes in the asphalt that was put down about a year and a half ago,” Watkins said.

Watkins added that she is not alone in her concerns. She said she and her neighbors are planning to attend the upcoming city council meeting to remind the members of their ongoing concerns.

We reached out to the Mayor of Maumelle regarding these concerns and have not heard back. We will update the story if and when we do.