JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – It’s a Land Rover that’s been sitting in a Jacksonville car shop for two years and its owner is finally getting results after calling FOX16 Investigates.

Gloria Marquez had her 2012 Land Rover towed to Nigel’s Car Place in Jacksonville for service in 2020 before the pandemic began.

She purchased the Land Rover for $3,000, paid a $250 tow fee and put $1,800 down for repairs two years ago. Marquez said after a while, the excuses got old.

This past November, the owner of Nigel’s Car Place Nigel Jebb said he faced numerous challenges at his shop. From finding people to work to thieves stealing catalytic converters.

Jebb, at the time, said a mechanic working on Marquez’s SUV destroyed the engine.

“We did some repairs on it and got it done,” Jebb said at the time. “In the midst of it getting repaired, it wasn’t right.”

Marquez said after our story aired in November, Jebb called his insurance company to file a claim.

Now, she has results.

“Thank God I called,” she said. “I got 5,000 pounds lifted off my shoulders.”

Marquez received a check for $14,389.81.

She said she thinks Jebb expedited the process because she called FOX16 Investigates for help.

Is she right? Maybe.