Jacksonville North Pualski District Holds School Board Meeting

JACKSONVILLE, AR — It’s been a long time coming, nearly four decades, since the wheels went in motion for Jacksonville to separate from the Pulaski County Special School District. That’s why tonight is another historical moment for the city.

School Board Vice President Ron McDaniel said, “It’s pretty exciting.”

Monday night, people in the community met with board members at the Chamber of Commerce. They talked about the future and what they would like to see change.

School Board President Daniel Gray said, “It’s never been done before, so there’s a process and we’re trying to work through that process.”

That process is being designed at Jacksonville City Hall where school board members held one of their first meetings tonight.

Gray said, “There’s so much to do and it’s a heavy load to lift.”

By separating from PCSSD, Jacksonville leaders say they’ll be able to receive more state funding and work on building better schools.

McDaniel said, “We got good teachers. We just need to have some facilities for those kids and the teachers.”

During the meeting, school board members began working out details on how to hire an interim superintendent and dividing the city into school board zones. It’s all in an effort to make the transition into a new district. seamless.

Gray said, “But I think everybody realizes it’s worth it and we’re going to make it happen.”

Since the transition will be lengthy and complicated, the state gave Jacksonville two years to do it.

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