Jacksonville woman helps those waiting in unemployment lines


JACKSONVILLE, Ark. — A Jacksonville woman is determined to bring much-needed relief from the heat for people stuck in unemployment lines in central Arkansas.

“These lines are long. There is no air conditioning out here. It’s hot out here” said Beaulah Hubbert, As the heat index inches closer to one hundred. “I stood in this line myself and it was so hot” said Beaulah Hubbert.

Many fan themselves as they wait in line here at the unemployment office in Little Rock, but Beaulah Hubbert is determined to bring some much-needed relief. Her car; loaded down with cold drinks, and snacks she says she is paying it forward.

“She came and she seen me and she brought me some water and something to eat” said Beaulah Hubbert and her small gesture is making all the difference.

“It’s very great for people to be bringing food and water because for one people got health problems” said a person in line.

Now Beaulah hopes others will remember this.

“We are all in this together come on let’s all get together and help each other until we get through this amen, amen, amen” said Beaulah Hubbert

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