Jefferson County Area Dealing With Major Flooding

WHITE HALL, AR – One area in Jefferson County is dealing with another round of flooding just days after cleaning up from the previous flood.

“It’s time’s like this you need patience and a good boat. I got both.”

Dallas Johnson is boating through his backyard on his trip home Wednesday.

“If you live off the main road boat’s the only way to get in and out of here.”

Island Harbor is facing the river reaching more than 44 feet by Friday. For many people this is the drive home at this point, boating through their neighborhood, for the third time in a month.

“I just got it cleaned up good two days ago.”

Some folks like Kenneth Scott have seen the water rise higher, 25 years ago. But most of them are saying this season is the worst they’ve seen.

“All of a sudden it started rising up in the past three or four years,” says Kenneth Scott.

If you’re home has to be flooded, you might as well have a sense of humor about it, “Told my grand-daughter not many people have an indoor swimming pool.”

And always keeping in mind that hope floats, too.

Folks here are hoping this is the last round of floods they’ll face and they’re hoping after the river crests in the next few days, about 48 hours will get them back to normal.

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