LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Further reflecting the fire dangers during the dry summer conditions, a cigarette litter warning has been issued Thursday, July 28.

Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission reminds everyone about the dangers of cigarette litter, especially in the dry conditions in the state. The commission is a division of Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism, its members appointed by the governor.

“Many don’t realize that littered cigarette butts can be fanned into flames by passing cars or wind, igniting a spark that can cause a fire,” Colbie Jones, KAB executive director said. “We are urging Arkansans to think twice before tossing their cigarette butts and choose to dispose of their litter properly, especially in these conditions.”

Currently 72 of 75 Arkansas counties are under a burn ban, with most of the state under a high wildfire danger. Cigarette butts are the most littered item on Arkansas roadways, and 80% of butts on the ground find their way into rivers, lakes and streams.