BEEBE, Ark.-  As President Trump was being sworn into office Friday, one of his youngest supporters was already doing his part to help the President accomplish one of his biggest campaign promises. 

Lego by Lego, Zacheria Barton has been meticulously crafting his own colorful version of Donald Trump’s famously touted wall.

“It’s a project,” says Zacheria.  “I think it will come in handy.”

His mother, Amanda Barton posted on Facebook the day her nine year old son started building it.   It was not well received. 

“They get so defensive,” says Barton.  “Like my Facebook wall, they made it all about racism and how everybody is a bigot, which is not the case.”

For Zacheria, she says the wall represents obedience and following the law, attributes that are very important to her son.

“Zacheria is one of those kids that follows everything to a tee,” says Barton. 

Barton says the family watched the debates together.  From the very beginning Zacheria was a Trump supporter.

“He was not my candidate,” says Barton.  “I wanted Huckabee or Ben Carson.”

She’s prepared for some backlash to come from what Zacheria is doing but says she hopes it doesn’t turn into a firestorm.

“He’s a child.  He’s nine,” says Barton.  “I support my son whatever he does.  If he wants to help Donald Trump build the wall then more power to him.”