LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Three kids all under the age of 10 broke into a Little Rock school, taking cash and damaging items.The act was caught on tape, but school leaders are not releasing the video because they are minors.

A teacher told police the kids most likely entered the building through a back door that had not been closing properly.

Regardless of how they got in, many parents are in disbelief that three elementary school students  were caught committing a crime.

“That’s just..that’s ridiculous like I don’t understand…7 and 9…breaking into a school. I would have never imagined,” said Jasmine Lamberts.

Parents are at a loss for words after learning the trio broke into Rockefeller Elementary School over the weekend.

“Like, what is on your brain to make you do that…7 and 9! That’s scary…that says a lot,” added Lamberts.

Jessie Scott lives across the street and says she saw three kids running around the school.

“I seen them doing something but I didn’t know what it was. They kept going from one door to the other. Then after a while, a security man came over there. I guess by them seeing him, they ran and I didn’t see them anymore,” continued Scott.

Police say security footage captured the trio going through items from a book fair, opening boxes, knocking over displays and moving stuff around before coming across some cash and stealing it.

Scott says the kids parents need to teach them a lesson.

“A good whipping because when I was raising my children that’s what they got. They[‘re] not dead. It didn’t hurt them. It made them better kids,” added Scott.

Little Rock Police say the kids will not face any criminal charges because of their ages. Police say minors only face charges for breaking and entering if they are 10 and above.

The school district released this statement about the incident:

“Safety and Security personnel from the Little Rock School District responded to an alarm at Rockefeller Elementary School on Saturday, September 8, 2018, where they observed three students running from the back of the campus. The students apparently gained entrance to the building through a back door and are accused of vandalizing the school, as well as removing items from a book fair being held at the campus. The students were identified following a subsequent investigation and review of surveillance video at the school. LRSD is cooperating with law enforcement officials, who are continuing the investigation, and the students will be disciplined according the District’s Student Handbook.”