Kids who got jumped in Conway have a message for bullies


CONWAY, Ark. – We talk a lot about kids being bullied at school or on the playground but for two Conway 5th graders, something as innocent as a trip to the park turned into a situation neither one was expecting.

10-year-old Jayden Carter and 11-year-old Jayce Jones are best friends.

“I like to play football, he likes to play basketball.”

And they like going to the park to play, but their trip to the park Sunday evening was anything but normal.

“I called him to tell him I was going to come and pick him up and he was screaming, my arm, my arm,” says Jayden’s mom.

Jayden and Jayce encountered middle and high school kids who bullied them and tried to make the two boys fight each other.

“For a second Jayce had no choice but to try to hit me, which mainly I knew what he was doing to make it convincing to them. So we would have a chance to get away.”

The boys say that they weren’t afraid, but they just wanted to be left alone.

One of the older kids pushed Jayden, causing him to shatter his elbow. Police were called, but the older kids have not been found. The boys have a message for bullies.

“I’d tell them to stop bullying or you’re already going to get in trouble and there’s a chance you go to jail, and tell them to put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you were bullied?”

Jayden’s mom said that he is going to be in a sleeve for about 6 weeks until his shattered elbow heals.

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