Bald Eagle returned to wild after treatment for lead poisoning

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EL PASO, Ark. — A bald eagle is free after being treated in White County after ingesting lead.

Rodney Paul, Director of the Raptor Rehabilitation Center, says the bird received Chelation treatment, which involved Calcium EDTA injections.

That compound binds with the toxic metal and allows it to pass out of the bird’s body.

The ill bird had been found about three weeks ago near Ozark in western Arkansas.

After treatment, the eagle was released at noon on Saturday.

Paul points out that their facility is not open to the public and interaction with the raptors is kept to a minimum during treatment in order to aid with the transition back to life in the wild.

This is the second time the facility has been able to successfully treat a raptor with lead poisoning before releasing it.

Paul says the bird likely ate parts of an animal that contained lead from a bullet.

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