Law Enforcement Couple Loses Belongings In Pottsville House Fire


POTTSVILLE, Ark. – A weekend fire destroys a River Valley home. The couple that lives there lost nearly all their belongings. 

It happened in the Pope County town of Pottsville. That couple, both lieutenants, work for two separate sheriff’s offices in Arkansas. 

One of the lieutenants works at the Pope County Sheriff’s Office. He’s the one who lost all of his gear. The other is a lieutenant at the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office. 

The couple wasn’t home when the house went up in flames, but the Lafayette County Lieutenant’s two daughters and newborn grandson were there. Luckily, they got out safely. 

The Pope County Lieutenant lost all his belongings, and his personal police gear inside the home. 

Dardanelle Police Chief Wilson Short and Pottsville Police Chief Joseph Paterack say what you need for duty can be pricey. 

“By the time you buy a full duty belt, the leather, and everything inside of it, and a good pair of boots. That’s easily $1,000-$1,500,” Chief Short said. 

The agencies are helping get the lieutenant what he needs to get back on duty. 

“I like seeing all the departments coming together to help another brother out,” Chief Paterack said. 

If you’d like to help the family, you can contact the Pope County Sheriff’s Office, The Dardanelle Police Department, or the Pottsville Police Department. 

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