Law Says Sex Offenders Can’t Live Within 2,000 Feet of Churches

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Governor Asa Hutchinson has signed a bill creating new restrictions on where the most dangerous sex offenders can live. But some worry the law will have unintended consequences putting the public at risk.

The bill bans level four sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a church or other place of worship. They already must keep that distance from daycares, schools and public parks.

Opponents of the law worry it leaves offenders with few places they can legally reside, increasing the likelihood they end up on the streets.

“They will constantly be being shuffled from place to place with no stability and I’m afraid the results will be tragic,” says St. Senator Jeremy Hutchinson.

There are currently more than 350 registered level four sex offenders living across the state. Supporters say the law is needed to protect children and the elderly, especially in rural areas with less law enforcement resources.

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