Lawsuits Aimed at Former Burkhalter Employees

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LITTLE ROCK, AR — A candidate for statewide office has filed a lawsuit against former employees who made damning allegations during a previous legal dispute.

Inside the original lawsuit were allegations that Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate John Burkhalter bullied several employees.
Burkhalter has called the claims unfounded and untrue and now he’s filed lawsuits against employees that made the claims.

Some of what’s contained in the lawsuit has been part of an attack ad put on by Burkhalter’s Republican opponent Tim Griffin.
The lawsuit contains allegations Burkhalter and an “entourage” entered his business partner’s private office, looked through documents, recklessly handled guns kept in the office and even pointed a weapon at a pregnant employee.
Burkhalter is now suing that employee accusing her of organizing a kick back scheme to over bill for maintenance — an accusation she denies.
It allegedly happened at a North Little Rock apartment complex Burkhalter co-owned

A separate lawsuit over hundreds of thousands of dollars in allegedly uncollected rent dues is aimed at two other former employees.
In an email statement, the Burkhalter campaign says a criminal referral has been made to the North Little Rock Police Department.

The full statement:
Mr. Kent Vestal was convicted of stealing $242,000 from a residential rental company now owned by John Burkhalter. Clear evidence exists that three close associates of Mr. Vestal – Mrs. Tiffany Hyder, Mr. Seth Hyder, and Ms. Jennifer Woods – were also involved in various schemes to embezzle funds from the company. Mr. and Mrs. Hyder were embezzling rent payments. Ms. Woods was involved in a kickback scheme involving over-billing by outside vendors.  

A criminal referral has been made to the North Little Rock Police Department, and two lawsuits have been filed to recover the stolen funds.   

Now these troubled individuals are making false accusations against John. But the simple fact is that these bizarre allegations are untrue and have been rejected by an Arkansas judge and jury. 

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