Ledell Lee’s Execution Brings Reaction from Community


JACKSONVILLE, Ark.- People in the neighborhood where Debra Reese was murdered more than two decades ago are responding to the state’s decision to move forward with Ledell Lee’s execution.

” It was a lot different in the 90’s,” says Lemont Moore.  

Moore moved to Cherry St. in Jacksonville six years ago.  He says it’s quiet now, but was told by long time residents that his house used to be a haven for drug activity. 

Moore didn’t find out until recently that his home sits right across the street from where Lee murdered Debra Reese back in 1993.   

“Nobody’s never said anything to us about it. “

Moore has been following news of the executions closely.

“I actually went to sleep on it last night wondering if they were going to do it,” says Moore.  “When I woke up this morning, they did it. “

His heart breaks for Reese’s family, especially her son who was only six years old when she was killed.  That’s the same age Moore’s son is now. 

“They’re just starting to develop their personality at that age and to lose him mom at that age… that was probably devastating,” says Moore.

The victim’s now adult son, Joseph Lucky, spoke at a clemency hearing for Lee earlier this month asking the state to move forward with the execution of his mother’s killer. 

“Let us have some closure. Let this end.  Let us step out from the shadow, ” Lucky told the Arkansas Parole Board.

Moore says he’s not sure he believes in the death penalty, but feels that justice has been served.

“I feel bad for both families.  It’s hard on everybody.”

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