Lime scooters address LR safety concerns


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The company that operates the Lime scooters you may have seen zooming around Little Rock is working to address safety concerns. 

A Lime representative spoke at a downtown partnership meeting today.

The scooters, launched in Little Rock last month, are here on a trial run. 

Lime says its made changes following concerns brought up in recent weeks. 

They include lowering the scooters’ maximum speed and including an ID scan into the Lime app before these scooters can activate. 

“People who have kids, please check your kids’ phones… delete the Lime App off their phone if they’re under the age of 18… that’ll force them to redownload the app which requires them to scan their ID,” says Kris Alborz.

The company also plans to hold some events around town where they’ll hand out free helmets to encourage people to wear them. 

The company says its goal is to keep Lime scooters in Little Rock after the trial run. 

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