Little Rock Boys start lawn service during pandemic, community rallies behind them


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A group of strangers meet and it turns into a match made in heaven, and now a group of 13 and 12-year-old brothers are running a business all while getting mentored and having the community rally behind them. 

“This is how you curb all the violence that we see in our neighborhoods. When you help kids that are trying to help themselves,” Little Rock native who helped boys get equipment, Reggie Swinton said. “Then you give them motivation, you give them the freedom to go do what they wanna do legally.”

During the pandemic, the guys went from shooting hoops to working the grass blade on the green side.

“We think cutting other people yard because we did a good job on our yard,” one of the 13-year-old business owners, Donta King said.

After getting some advice from their mom, four brothers used what they had and started their own lawn service.

“I was trying to find something they could do outside and encourage them to do something positive outside,” mom, Toyuna Boyd said. 

It’s what happened next that truly surprised the King brothers.

“Something just said stop and talk to these kids,” Swinton said. “So I talked to them, kinda got a feel for them, they told me they cutting yards, trying make some money… y’all give me y’all number and I’m going to help y’all.”

After positing the boys story on Facebook, Swinton raised more than $37,000 for them. 
“I went to Home Depot, picked up a lot of stuff for these kids, and I helped their mom pay the mortgage,” Swinton said. “All this is thanks to the community.

They turned actions into mentorship, since Swinton has his own lawn service too. 
“I just wanna help them, learn how to use the equipment and I want to train them right and help them,” Swinton said. 

Now the King Brothers Lawn Service is ready to serve anyone who comes calling, even during the pandemic.

“I was surprised, amazed, blessed,” Boyd said.

“We can get our own money so we can buy other things so our mom can stop buying,” King said.

Boyd said she wants to thank everyone who donated to help. Here is the business Facebook page, or you can call them at 501-366-8481. 

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