Little Rock man claims police brutality

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Amateur video shows Little Rock Police Lieutenant David Hudson punching Chris Erwin ,40, in the face. Erwin says it happened Halloween weekend during a party at Ferneau Restaurant.

“I will never forget the rage in his eyes when he had me on the ground, beating me down. His eyes were so white and filled with hate and rage,”said Erwin.

Erwin says Hudson asked him to leave because someone didn’t want him there. But he had no idea what was going on.

“I haven’t been able to sleep for several nights. Its terrifying,” said Erwin.

But a Little Rock police report tells a different story. It says Erwin and another man got inside the private party uninvited and when Ferneau management asked them to leave, they refused. That’s when Hudson, who was off-duty and working security at the party, stepped in.

“They were outside and were still being belligerent and aggressive,” said Lt. Terry Hastings.

Police say the lieutenant did everything by the book. He called his supervisor and filed all the proper work. Investigators say Hudson has been a fine, outstanding officer during his time at the department.

But Erwin’s attorney says the party at Ferneau was public and has the flyer to prove it.

“They took his money five minutes before he left. That’s not how you treat party crashers,” said Keith Hall.

Hall says even if his client did not have permission to be at the party, Hudson’s actions are not justified.

“If you look at his hands, he is submitting. But that doesn’t stop the officer,” said Hall.

Erwin says he wants the lieutenant’s badge removed.

“I’m pretty sure if I was in a dark alley, I’d be dead right now,” said Erwin.

Erwins friend, Blake Mitchell, was also arrested in connection with what happened.

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