Little Rock moving forward with a booting ordinance after parking fines reach almost $300,000


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The person in the Capital City with the most unpaid parking fines owes the city nearly 6,000 dollars.

The second person is close behind with 5,600 worth of unpaid fines.

All these parking fines in Little Rock reaching a staggering 272,584 dollars, which is why the city is moving forward with a booting ordinance.

This means the city can do something about those unpaid tickets. However, before enforcing the ordinance, the board of directors needs to vote on an appeal option.

The City Attorney, Tom Carpenter said, there needs to be an appeal option just in case a mistake is made.

“A boot is – we’re enforcing because you not only got the ticket your just ignoring us,” said Thomas Carpenter, City Attorney.

The City of Little Rock has to make changes to the ordinance so they can start implementing it.

“We have people that have four and five thousand dollars or more in parking tickets,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter said this ordinance has been around for years but it hasn’t been used for a while.

“We hadn’t enforced it for the last few years because we needed to make some changes to it,” said Carpenter.

Changes like adding an appeal, which Board Director of Ward 6, Doris Wright said is necessary.

“There always needs to be an appeal process,” said Doris Wright, Ward 6, “One thing I’ve learned being on this board for a number of years is the unexpected does happen and sometimes the unexplain-able so there needs to be an appeal process.”

One example used in the meeting that would warrant an appeal is if you recently bought a car and the previous owner had a number of tickets then you could file an appeal.

However, Carpenter said the appeal wouldn’t work if a different family member got the ticket and you didn’t know about it.

“The appeal is going to focus on if the person owned the car at the time the car was ticketed,” said Carpenter, “part of the reason that cities charge for parking is not only to help make money, to help pay for things but its also to keep traffic moving so that businesses can thrive.”

In the ordinance, if you have unpaid parking tickets that surpass $250 your car may be booted.

Carpenter said the boot cost $100 to be removed plus you have to pay the outstanding tickets.

The Board of Directors will be meeting again next week, which is when they will vote on adding the appeal into the ordinance, then paying parking tickets will be enforced.

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