Little Rock tenants say they’ve been living without gas for two weeks


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Tenants are reaching a boiling point after they say they have been without gas for two weeks at the Big Country Chateau Apartments on Colonel Gleen Rd. in Little Rock.

To make matters worse some of the tenants also say that they are dealing with leak problems, pest and mold.

Renters say that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. We covered a story back in December of 2016 where the complex has had the same problem, no gas for several weeks. People say that they can’t keep living in these conditions and that they’re tired of management not doing anything about it.

“On my birthday I didn’t have any air and it’s been leaking ever since the 11,” says Sharon Barnes who is moving out.

Barnes is supposed to be celebrating her birthday, instead she’s moving out of the Big Country Chateau Apartment in Little Rock.

“Ya’ll have to excuse me I’m packing up and getting out of here,” says Barnes.

“All of that is leaking and stuff, i’m stepping in nothing but water.”

She is using a pump to clean up the mess and says that the pump is heavy and that these living conditions are causing health concerns.

“All that mold and stuff, all over there.”

She’s not the only one who is tired of the problems.

“They cut the air conditioner off,” says Melvin Bell another tenant.

Sandra Johnson who also lives at the complex says “I’ve been here since June 1 and we’ve been without gas since September 16.”

No gas means no hot water and no way to make a hot meal.

“We have no explanation as to when or how much longer we have to wait for it,” say’s Johnson.

She and several others have been trying to make ends meet.

“We’ve been boiling water out of the microwave and using the BBQ grill to survive.”

Tenants say that a gas leak is causing the problems.

“So we are just waiting around wondering.”

We called the front office hoping to get some answers, and we got none.

People say that they’ve had enough.

“I’m ready to break my lease,” says Bell.

“They just need to tear this place down,” Barnes says.

Fox 16 stopped by the front office and a worker wouldn’t talk to us. We also reached out to Apex Big Chateau who owns the property, they’re based out of New York.

During the interviews we saw several men who told us that they were working on the gas lines.

After that we called the city and they told us that the Housing and Neighborhood Programs with the City of Little Rock will be getting in touch with the complex in the morning.

People have told us that they’ve also reached out to the Health Department and the Attorney General.

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