Little Rock to Stop Buying Styrofoam


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — An environmental trend across the country is moving away from Styrofoam and the City of Little Rock is jumping on board. 

A new resolution approved Tuesday night says the city will no longer be purchasing Styrofoam products to be used in its buildings, parks or programs. 

 “While this is a very significant step, it definitely is the first step,” Sumedah Rao, co-organizer for Plastic Free Little Rock said. 

The ordinance does not mean you cannot bring Styrofoam products into city buildings or parks, but if the city is paying for a something like coffee cups, they will not be buying Styrofoam. 

The Plastic Free Little Rock program began earlier this year to take on the issue of waste in the city. Sao says they have its eye on reducing single use items like straws and plastic bags. 

“Plastic is recyclable which Styrofoam is not so in some ways it’s a bigger issue,” she said on why they’re also tackling Styrofoam. 

She hopes by city municipalities halting its Styrofoam use altogether, other businesses will take note of what is said to be detrimental to human health and the environment.

“It does not biodegrade at all ever,” Sao said. 

“It holds the heat really well but it also leaches toxins into your food.” 

With this first win for Plastic Free Little Rock, they’re looking forward to pursuing more ambitious waste goals for the entire city in the future. Follow their journey here. 

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