Little Rock Woman Calls Her Son’s Death A Mystery

LITTLE ROCK, AR — A Little Rock woman says eight months later and her son’s death is still a mystery.

Delores Smoke says her family told her one thing, the police another and the coroner, yet something else.

Smoke believes someone killed her son in a crowded Little Rock apartment with family and friends, but she’s not stopping until she finds out the absolute truth.

According to a police report, 24-year old Jamar Ecxford — who served in the Army — was found shot in the head last August.

Smoke says four family members were in the apartment when it happened.

She said, “I’ve been going through so much, it feels like I want to scream, yell, you know just go like aghhh!”

Ecxford’s cousin, Edward Jackson, said, “It’s kind of sad to see him go, especially this way.”

At first, family members called it a suicide, but Smoke says their stories kept changing.

According to police reports, the gun used did not belong to Ecxford and it was found outside, although the shooting happened inside.

Smoke also says she found two bullet holes in the ceiling inside the apartment where the shooting happened.

The coroner ruled the death undetermined.

Little Rock police called it a suicide, but the case re-opened when Smoke filed a complaint stating detectives didn’t do their jobs.

Jackson said, “And I feel like our police department failed my family.”

We called the Little Rock Police Department Public Information office several times the past two days, no one returned our calls.

We even stopped by the office today…but, no one was there, who could talk to us about this case.

We also reached out to witnesses listed on the police report.

Only one person answered the phone.

He told us he was already interviewed by police three times and then hung up the phone.

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