Living Well: Doctors Ready at a Moment’s Notice

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Dr. Rick Wyatt, an OBGYN at Arkansas Women’s Center keeps a photo album of most of the babies he delivers.

And the photos go a long way back to memories and good feelings of babies he’s helped bring into the world. Being able to look back is refreshing and for moms knowing there’s always a doctor on call even if it’s not their own, he says is reassuring as well.

“Central Arkansas laborist and Baptist Health Little Rock have partnered to provide what’s called the Laborist Program,” says Dr. Wyatt.

A group of full time board certified obstetricians are on staff at all times for labor and delivery.

“So it’s a great safety net for all the patients that deliver at Baptist, not just our patients, we take care of our own patients, but anybody that has an emergency the doctors are there to help their private physicians take care of them,” Dr. Wyatt says.

The program has been in place for about two years with several saves as Dr. Wyatt calls them.

“Early on one of my patients, I was in the office seeing folks she was in labor, I can run over there in five minutes, so while in labor her baby’s heart rate just went to nothing, Dr. Studdard got her back there to where we do the c-section and had the baby out almost before I could get there,” Dr. Wyatt says.

Laborist that keeps moms,

“She would tell you, he saved the baby’s life,” Dr. Wyatt says.

and our precious cargo safe and healthy.

Dr. Wyatt says most of the time they are seeing their own patients at all times.

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