Local Business Expects High Numbers on Cyber Monday

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NORTHWEST, AR – The sales aren’t over yet. Today is Cyber Monday and another big day of deals for shoppers. And a chance for retailers to meet their bottom line, this season.

“It’s been a really busy weekend. It’s one of our biggest Saturdays in the new space,” says Fayettechill Manager Eric Kearney.

But Fayettechill tried to go against the grain by offering the same sale throughout the weekend, not just on Cyber Monday.

“People haven’t been coming in frantic trying to find anything, you know, in the first two hours or on one day only. They have the opportunity to come back in town or before they leave town, stop in and get the same deal that everybody else did,” says Kearney.

Local stores, like Fayettechill, have seen plenty of cash come in this weekend and that trend continues into Cyber Monday.

“I’m sure we’ll see a little spike in both because it is the last day to get the deals we’re offering in-store and, people will definitely be aware of internet deals just from everybody on the internet having a Cyber Monday deal,” says Kearney.

“Nobody either likes to send out or receive the “we’re out of stock” emails, so just to avoid that or any form of disappointment, we try to stock up,” says Kearney.

And the store hopes to see high numbers to start the holiday season.

“It’s really cool to see a quick surge here at the end, uh, round these numbers off and go into the big holiday month of December,” says Kearney.

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