Local Businessman Works On Mandatory Mattress Recycling Law

LITTLE ROCK, AR — One local businessman is working on a plan to help reduce waste at our landfills.

The Model Fill Landfill in Little Rock is permanently closed filled with trash and mattresses…mattresses that can take years to decompose.

Nolen Hughes, owner of College Hunks Hauling Junk, says there’s an alternative to trashing your old beds.

He said, “All you need is a box cutter and some muscle because sometimes it takes awhile to break some of these down.”

Materials — inside the mattress — can be recycled.

California, Connecticut and Rhode Island are working on mattress recycling laws, and Hughes is coming up with a plan to get Arkansas to do the same.

The idea is customers would pay a $6 fee on a new mattress to cover the recycling cost for the old one.

Hughes said, “We’re taking all these mattresses, which have no place to go except a landfill, taking them to a warehouse and creating jobs, circulating revenue into our local economy.”

Manager Joe Byrd at Butler Furniture Depot says he sells a couple dozen mattresses a week.

He says recycling is a great idea and he doesn’t feel the extra fee would hurt business.

He said, “I don’t think it would bother people too much as long as the fee is low.”

Hughes hopes that’s the kind of support he gets as he works with state leaders on mattress recycling.

He’s putting together an association to figure out the best way to go about making this law.

Hughes says his company is the only one in the state to offer mattress recycling right now.

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