Local Man Becomes Viral Sensation for Posting Pics of Woman Who has His Stolen iPad

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR – The viral sensation that started right here in central Arkansas is circling the planet as we speak.

A North Little Rock man is now famous for posting iPad pics taken by the woman who apparently has his stolen iPad.

Three days since our first story and it didn’t take long for it to become a hit.

When Allen Engstrom first lost his iPad on an airplane from Phoenix to Denver he wrote it off as long gone knowing it could be anywhere in the country. Little did he know though that once the supposed iPad thief started taking pictures, he’d get well more than his 15 seconds of fame.

iPads have quite a few extraordinary features. Among them are surfing the web, playing music and snapping pictures.

One thing Apple, or Allen Engstrom for that matter, likely didn’t expect was those pictures making someone famous.

First it was her face; the still unnamed new owner of Engstrom’s lost iPad.

“Mom ,who is this?” Engstrom’s son, Jackson shared the moment when he first saw the woman’s face in the family’s iCloud account. “She said ‘uh I don’t know where’d you get that?’ I’m looking through dad’s photos.”

Engstrom’s wife Ashley said, “Took me aback for a second and then I immediately thought that’s the woman that got Allen’s iPad.”

The woman seems to enjoy making faces at the camera.

Now, it’s what Engstrom’s done with them that has brought him a bit of fame as well.

“Headline news this morning,” Engstrom explained. “Ran on CNN, USA Today.”

When our story hit the airwaves it didn’t stop.

Media outlets everywhere picked up the scoop about Engstrom’s quest turned viral sensation.

It’s literally circled the planet and back again to places like Yahoo News, the Huffington Post and CNN.

He’s received dozens of requests for interviews. While he says it’s all been a blast it has been overwhelming.

“If I didn’t have a full time job already this would be more fun but right now just trying to keep up with my regular job and all this attention is kind of a challenge.”

He did say though, he’ll hold out for one more interview if they want him.

“Dave, Call me,” Engstrom hinted to one late night host.

Everyone, including Engstrom is still hopeful that at some point someone, somewhere will know who this woman is.

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