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10 People Displaced in Less than 1 Hour

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- Multiple house fires left nearly a dozen people looking for a new place to live Saturday. 

Little Rock firefighters fought two fires in two different neighborhoods in less than an hour Sunday morning. 

We've learned the Red Cross is helping 10 people - including young kids- find a place to stay Sunday. 

One of those people told me the smoke detector woke her up and that's what saved her family. 

LRFD investigates the blaze that firefighters said started at an Indiana Avenue home then spread to a duplex just before 9 a.m. Sunday. 

Tiffany Tolbert lives near the scene.

She said, "You can replace a home but you can't replace a life."

We met her at the scene as families waited for help from the Red Cross Saturday afternoon.

"I have been in that situation," she told us. 

The scene hits close to home for her. 

"Words are words, you know. We can all say 'it's going to be ok' 'it's going to be alright' but at that moment (when) you're in that situation, I mean. You really don't know what the next step is," Tolbert said.

She told us she lost everything, like her neighbors did, after an apartment fire years ago.  

She said, "You got to completely start all over."

We then met Nicholas Fowler who lives across town.

"I could see it but I couldn't find the fire," he said.

Across town and about 30 minutes after the first house fire another Little Rock family woke up to flames. 

Fowler said, "My mom is handicapped. She had a stroke. So, I'm trying to wheel her through the house and move the ladders and all that to get her out of the house."

LRFD said a wire in a wall sparked the fire at his Clement Drive home. 

"We're trying to figure it out slowly minute by minute (and) hour by hour. I guess just taking things slowly and praying,' he said. 

Between the 3 people on Clement and 7 people from Indiana Avenue, nearly a dozen people escaped the house fires safely. 

Tolbert said, "Thank the Lord."

The damage now left 10 people looking for a new place to stay. 

We learned from the family on Indiana Avenue their four dogs died in that fire. 

LRFD said it's still investigating what sparked the flames. 


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