LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Nearly 170 pounds of medical marijuana have been collectively sold from Arkansas’ two open dispensaries as of 12 p.m. Tuesday.

Since opening in May, Doctor’s Orders and Green Springs Medical dispensaries have sold a combined amount of 169.29 pounds of medical marijuana through 15,638 transactions.

This is around $1.11 million in total sales, says Scott Hardin with the Department of Finance and Administration. 

Since Doctor’s Orders first opened on Friday, May 10, the company has sold a total of 56.13 pounds of medical marijuana through 5,153 transactions.

A purchase of any individual strain is registered as a transaction. If a patient purchases two strains, this would register as two transactions. 

Since Green Springs Medical’s opening day on Sunday, May 12, the company sold a total of 113.16 pounds of medical marijuana through 10,485 transactions.

Regarding additional dispensaries opening: Arkansas Natural Products, located in Clinton, was inspected last week by ABC Enforcement agents. The results of that inspection are currently under review by ABC leadership. 

Approval to open could be issued by ABC as soon as Wednesday.

The dispensary may immediately open upon receiving approval. 

Delta Cultivators–doing business as Greenlight Dispensary–located in Helena-West Helena, recently requested an inspection. ABC is working with dispensary owners to confirm an inspection date.