2 Dozen + Mega Million Tickets in AR Worth $1000+

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– You’ll want to think twice before throwing out what you may think is Friday night’s losing Mega Millions ticket. 

Mega Millions rolled over to a record breaking $1.6 billion after no ticket  matched all winning numbers Friday night. 

More than two dozen tickets winning in the high tier category, 28 to be exact, were sold in the Natural State according to My Arkansas Lottery. That means the ticket is worth $1000+.

One of those tickets sold in the Capital City is now worth more than $10,000. 

We talked with people buying tickets at the Exxon on S. University near 56th in Southwest Little Rock. 

Douglas James who plays the lottery said, “I probably would disappear for a little while (and) buy a little island somewhere.”

Chiquita Hamilton told us, “Probably retire. Definitely retire.”

People we talked with at the Southwest Little Rock gas station imagined what they would do if they won $1.6 billion. 

Dwayne Martin said, “Oh Lordy. I’d go to Jamaica.”

Richie Trott said, “Whew… a lot.”

Another player who said his name was time said, “Take care of a few bills. Actually, I won’t have to worry about the bills.”

People picked new numbers knowing that could come true for them after no tickets matched all the Mega Million numbers Friday. 

Tim told us, “I can imagine but I’m tired of dreaming though. It’s time for it to become a reality.”

We found losing tickets in a trashcan. 

Valerie Graves said she’ll start picking her numbers, “Three. One for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. One because God is God by himself.”

Some Arkansans did win Friday night. 

James laughed as he said, “I did play. I bought 3 tickets and I won $4 dollars; so, I made five no I lost five.”

28 MM tickets bought in the Natural State now are worth $1000+.

This is the break down of where winning tickets were purchased provided by My Arkansas Lottery: 

1 — $10,000 in LR

1 — $1,024 in Lonoke

1 — $1004 Lake Village

25– $1000 NLR, Arkadelphia, Cabot, Paris, Batesville, LR (3), Fort Smith, Beebe, Benton, Lonoke, Prescott, Lake Village, Maumelle (2) Warren, Sherwood, Harrisburg, El Dorado (2), Rusellville (2), Malvern, Bryant

Jason told us, “I’m thinking I need to start playing.”

Lottery sales at this store soared according to the owner. 

Customer Tom Kimmerly told us, “Just as good a chance as anyone else.”

Hopes soar to as people try to win the +billion dollars. 

Martin said, “I hope I’d be the lucky one. I’m getting a ticket now.”

The next Mega Millions drawing is Tuesday at 10 p.m.

A My Arkansas Lottery spokesperson told us there’s a very good chance by then it will be worth more than that 1 point 6 billion dollars.

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