200k grant awarded to Ward for sewage system upgrades

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WARD, Ark.-Changes are right around the corner for one neighborhood in Ward.

The city received a $200,000 dollar grant that will upgrade its wastewater sewer system.

It’s exciting news for several people who’ve had to deal with sewage problems for many years.

It’s been one of the many goals for Mayor Charles Gastineau since he was elected.

Since 1978 Bob and Ruth Adams have called Ward home.

“This was out in the county. We got annexed and they put in the sewer system,” Adams said.

It’s a sewer system that brough along some smelly problems for more than 40 years.

“She had to mop that bathroom a bunch of times and de-sanitize it. Sewage system coming up out of the toilet,” Adams said.

Contacting the City of Ward wasn’t fixing the issue for the Adams.

“Called the Governors office and the Attorney Generals office,” Adams said.

Until Mayor Charles Gastineau was elected back in November of 2018.

“It’s great I enjoy it. We have been making a lot of strides and improvements,” Mayor Gastineau said.

One of those improvemwents is a community block grant the city received through the Arkansas Development Commission.

The first part of the project will help people who live off Morrison Street and Whippoorwill.

“We’re using that to take 17 homes off of a vacuum system on our wastewater system,” Mayor Gastineau said.

“That’s exciting as my 50th wedding anniversary,” Adams said.

It will also elminate 12 different vacumm pits and cut some slack on workers.

“It’s been a maintenace nightmare. We have crews working on the vacuum system almost daily,” Mayor Gastineau said.

A work in progress many people are happy with.

“Thank you very much he’s doing a great job,” Adams said.

The vacuum system was put in back in the 90s.

The mayor said the goal is to eventually get every one off the vacuum system and into a gravity feed or force main system.

He says this is only step one.

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