CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA) – Five inmates are facing additional charges after a riot broke out at the Crawford County Jail on Friday.

According to Sheriff Ron Brown, the five inmates are facing charges of inciting a riot. 

The instigator of the riot was in Crawford County to make a court appearance. The other inmates coordinated to hide the cameras by throwing wet toilet paper on them.

According to Sheriff Brown, the inmates tore out sprinklers that resulted in about two inches of water on the ground, damaged ceiling tiles and tore up mattresses.

No officers or inmates were injured during the riot.

Several agencies assisted Crawford County during the riot including Arkansas State Police, Alma Police Department and Van Buren Police Department among others.

WARNING: The following incident report contains graphic language. To read the full report, click here

Original story:

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA) –  The Crawford County jail is under a partial lockdown after a riot broke out Friday around 7:30 p.m., March 8.

No injuries were reported.

The riot broke out as a Crawford County Sheriff’s Office sergeant and a Detention Center deputy were trying to remove an inmate from a 40-man pod. That pod was made up of inmates from the Arkansas Department of Corrections, according to Sheriff Ron Brown.

As the officials were trying to remove the inmate, the inmate resisted and the other 39 inmates interfered, Brown said.

“The inmates started tearing up the pod,” Brown said.

The inmates tore up everything from ceiling tiles to lights to television monitors and phones. The inmates also busted a ceiling sprinkler that flooded the entire jail with two-inches of water, according to Brown.

Law enforcement officials from several surrounding agencies helped Crawford County deputies respond to the riot.

“It took a team effort,” Brown said. “We were able to go in and secure the other 39 inmates.”

Once the riot was subdued, jail inmates were moved out into the outside exercise yard and the jail was placed on lockdown, Brown said.

No inmate was seriously injured, but some complained that they were limping, according to Brown.

Brown estimates that the riot caused $15,000-20,000 in damage.

“This is tax dollars being wasted tonight,” Brown said.

Officials are now working to clean up the damage and figure out a way to get jailers safely detained throughout the jail, Brown said.