6-Year-Old attacked by dog

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CONWAY, Ark.-A six-year-old boy says he’s afraid to ride his bike again after being attacked by a German Shepherd.

“I was scared because the dog could have done more besides bite him,” Thalia Fregoso said.

It happened on Saturday in Conway. Cesar Fregoso, Jr. was taken to the hospital and had to get stitches.

Cesar and his sister, Thalia, say they were outside playing in the neighborhood. Thalia says a dog jumped out of nowhere and bit Cesar in the leg.

She says it was scary and she is glad a neighbor was there to help, otherwise it could have been deadly.

It happened on Bentonville Drive in Conway.

“Neighborhood is okay, we got a lot of issues with stray dogs,” Jessie Stickney, who lives in the neighborhood, said.

“There are too many dogs in the roads,” Fregoso said.

The Fregoso family says they’re happy to be together after a scary attack on Saturday.

“He was riding his bike and I was walking my dog,” Fregoso said.

“A dog came and grabbed him and then some men came and helped us and brought us home,” Fregoso said.

“My father-in-law ran over and scared the dog off,” Stickney said.

Jessie Stickney lives on Bentonville Drive and saw the madness unfold.

“I looked over there and the dog had run over and grabbed the little boy by his leg yanked him off his bike and dragged him down the road,” Stickney said.

Stickney called 911 and says Cesar was screaming for help.

“He had blood running down his leg,” Stickney.

Parents say the attack is concerning.

“You’re scared to let your kids outside in the neighborhood. You can’t play in the front yard,” Stickney said.

Thalia says she and her brother plan to stay inside when it comes to having to fun.

“I am because it might happen to me if I go outside,” Fregoso.

Fregoso and Stickney both agree there needs to be something done in the area to stop dogs from roaming around the neighborhood.

Fox 16 spoke to the dog’s owner and he says this was the first time he heard about the attack.

He says he has never had any problems with his German Shepherd.

He says he is going to apologize to the Fregoso family.

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