LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – 79-year-old William Fisher has been a driver for over 16 years. He’s been working for Lyft for nearly five years picking up over 6,000 customers. However, he thought around 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 3 would be his last.

Fisher got a request to pick up a passenger from the West Scenic Apartments in North Little Rock.

“Took him about five minutes before he got in the car,” Fisher said. “Then some lady came out and gave him something. Then he had two trash bags that he put in the trunk that were like clothes.”

Fisher noticed that the man was acting strange because he was slouching really low and mumbling to himself.

“He said take me to McDonald’s,” Fisher added. “So, I took him down the street to McDonald’s and he ordered food.”

After they picked up food, they proceeded to the intersection of N Polk St. and A Street. That’s where the passenger pulled out his gun while the car was still moving.

“He pulled the gun out and stuck it right here to my face and said, ‘Get out of the car!’,” Fisher said.

Before Fisher got out, he requested one thing.

“I asked him if I could have my telephone and he said… ‘okay.’,” Fisher added. “I thought he was going to shoot me… scared the hell out of me.”

Fisher got out and the passenger took off, however, still had the key to the car. The car is a 2019 gray Chrysler 300 that requires a push start to turn on the engine. The key fob was still in Fisher’s pocket.

“Without this key, you kill the car, it won’t restart,” Fisher explained.

The car still had about half a tank of gas left, so Fisher is not sure how far the robber could’ve gone.

Now Fisher is carless and with no way to make money. He’s able to be driven around by his daughter and grandson but would rather get back to work.

When asked if he would keep driving for Lyft after the horrifying incident and if he got his car back, he said…

“Yes. Got to make money.”

His message to the thief.

“Leave my car somewhere we can find it.”

The car is a 2019 gray Chrysler 300 limited series with two sunroofs and an Arkansas license plate #386WXR

A spokesperson with Lyft responded to the story in a statement:

“Safety is fundamental to Lyft, and the incident described is appalling. We’re in touch with the driver to offer our support and have permanently removed the rider account from the Lyft community. We are working with law enforcement to help keep drivers safe and are exploring ways to expand the use of certain safety features and alerts to help prevent these kinds of incidents moving forward.”