71-year-old woman speaking out after ceiling falls in at NLR apartment complex

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A North Little Rock woman is speaking out after she said her ceiling started to fall in and because of the health issues she says she can’t continue to live there until it’s fixed. 

71-year-old Mary Norris said she has been living at the Icon Lakewood Apartments since November/December and she said she’s had small issues in the past but this latest issue with her ceiling she said is where she draws the line.

“I called about two or three weeks, and they don’t ever answer,” woman having apartment issues, Mary Norris said. “Then when the secretary answer, she always tell me that the lady is out.”

Norris said she’s been having the same issues with her ceiling in her bedroom for weeks. She said she tried calling several times but didn’t get an answer but when she did talk to someone she had a lot of questions.

“When you going to fix the mold?” Norris said. “And she said she don’t have anything to do with that.”

Her granddaughter, Paris Bolden said they’re still waiting for someone to come and fix the ceiling.

“It’s very frustrating,” Bolden said. “Especially when you call them to be professional and they’re just like it doesn’t matter, where is rent?” said Paris Bolden.

In addition to everything else, Norris said there’s mold growing in her bedroom too and with her underlying health issues, she’s afraid to live there right now.

“Allergies, COPD, bronchitis,” Norris said. “So I had to get out of there, plus I’m on the breathing machine.”

We did go to the leasing office and spoke with an employee who said the situation is being handled.

We also reached out to Brookside Properties, the property management team, according to the employee and they couldn’t give any information about the situation on the record because our name is not on the lease.

Meanwhile, Bolden said this is hard to deal with because of her grandmother’s age on top of the coronavirus pandemic.

“During this pandemic time you should be able to… you know, you’re human as well, be sympathetic with people, especially the elderly, people that can’t help themselves,” Bolden said. 

Bolden also said Monday an employee came by to look at the damage but she said they didn’t say when they would move flared with an attorney about the eviction process. Norris said she paid rent in June but won’t pay any more until the issue is fixed.

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