911 systems around central Arkansas repaired after early morning outages

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — 911 call centers and agencies are back up again after systems across the state of Arkansas experienced issues. 

The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management says the cause of this outage is being looked into — as of now they say it appears to be an AT&T issue.

Latresha Woodruff, with the state’s emergency management, says it does not appear to be malicious. 

Lt. Cody Burk about the call center in Pulaski County, and he said the system went down around 3 am this morning.

He said later on they rerouted and posted on social media for people to use their non-emergency number and they would answer calls that way.

The phone would ring once but they wouldn’t get all the initial information they would typically receive, like a person’s address. 

“When one of our systems go down, they roll over to another agency and they’ll take calls, we’ll take calls for other agencies when they’re system goes down and we reroute the information to them but in this instance, all the agencies were down so no one could answer 911 calls. We’re glad it’s back up and running smoothly now, we’re able to get all the information we need on calls and so you don’t realize what you have until it’s down.” LT. Cody Burk said.

Pulaski County’s system was fixed around 9:30 this morning, and others were fixed a little later, at one point they would answer calls for other agencies until their system was restored. 

LT. Burk said typically they get 165 emergency calls and 200 non-emergency calls, a day. 

As far as they know in Pulaski County they didn’t miss any critical calls, he also noted since it happened in the morning there weren’t as many calls coming in then. 

Emergency Management said their plan if this happens in the future is the same as today, they will use to 10-digit non-emergency numbers for people to call.

We reached out to AT&T but did not hear anything back from them.

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