LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A central Arkansas health clinic isn’t requiring insurance for you to get the medical care you need.

The staff at Perspective Health said this allows for more time with patients and to be able to open health care to many in Little Rock.

“I can focus less on pushing papers back and forth, justifying certain things and just sit with patients and take care of them,” MD at Perspective Health, Preston McCormack said.

In October, Preston McCormack opened up a new clinic for patients in central Arkansas.

“I think it has been very positive,” McCormack said.

A physician for a few years now, McCormack said the care he provided to patients was limited working in a traditional setting.

“I felt like I was really getting constricted with the time I would have with them and the accessibility I had with them, so it just got to the point where I just felt like I couldn’t practice like that anymore,” McCormack stated.

The doctor also touched on the many hoops you have to jump through with insurance, so at their clinic, you don’t need it.

Although, McCormack said he does believe health insurance is very important.

“As it stands right now, when they come to see me, nothing changes with their insurance policies, we just have an agreement where when they come to see me, that I do not have to rely on those insurance companies to offset my costs,” McCormack said.

“You can use your referrals for the outside, physical therapy, medication, it’s just we don’t use your insurance,” practice administrator, Ambre’ Pownall said.

It is all because McCormack believes everyone should have access to quality health care.

“Take some of those barriers out of the picture and just be physician, patient and figure out what best suits their needs,” McCormack said.

Prices for health care at Perspective Health range from $60 to $150, depending on age.

They don’t charge a co-pay, so you could be seen six times in a week, and still pay the monthly or yearly fee.