LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Jim Robertson returns to Little Rock after 62 years to retrace the life-changing steps he took after becoming blind.

Jim Robertson grew up in Mississippi. He was attending community college when he was in a serious car crash at 20 years old.

“All of the bones in my face all the way from my eyebrows to the bottom of my chin had to be reconstructed all of those bones were broken. Very serious accident,” said Robertson.

The car crash left Robertson with permanent injuries.

“When I was finally told, look Jimmy.. that’s it, I mean there is nothing we can do. So you are blind and you are going to be blind, I was pretty depressed,” stated Robertson.

He attended what is now called, World Services for the Blind, in Downtown Little Rock for training and rehab.

Robertson said, “a big thing of course that a blind person has to deal with is being able independently to get from one place to another and that’s what I learned mostly when I received that training”.

To be able to graduate from the center, Robertson had to walk around downtown alone, and after accomplishing it was a pretty important thing he said.

“Had I not been able to do it, I dare say everything else would have been infinitely more difficult,” said Robertson.

Monday morning he will retrace those steps he took many years ago.

“I’ll be thinking, what a pleasure to be able, after all this time to come back to this place where literally I had a life changing event. Little rock Arkansas is and will always be a very special place. my life literally was turned around as a result of coming up here,” stated Robertson.

Robertson did not let this hold him back from becoming successful in life.

He earned his PhD, he wrote five books, served in the Mississippi legislature, taught college classes in two different states, and has been a Sunday school teacher for 55 years.

You can find out more about Jim Robertson through his autobiography, sold on Amazon.

Robertson will start his journey Monday morning at 10 a.m.