LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Two forces are taking aim at the problem of kids going hungry in Arkansas.

Thousands of deer meat snacks will soon be given to children around the state.

This is all thanks to a partnership between Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry and Arkansas State University.

The meat is packaged is packaged by students at a meat facility on campus. The students came up with the idea after realizing a lot of usable meat was going to waste.

ASU Chancellor Dr. Todd Shields said the key was finding a clever way to package the food for kids.

“So putting it into meat sticks,” Shields said. “So, basically like sausage sticks that kids would love anyway, and being able to take them home for free so they can just have them whenever they’re hungry.”

Through the partnership, A-State expects to process a lot of meat during deer season.

Shields said they also plan to process beef, chicken and turkey sticks.