LONOKE COUNTY, Ark. – A week after the primary, the Arkansas Democratic Party has filed another complaint with the election commission over issues in Lonoke County. 

Voters say they were turned away because their IDs would not scan. 

This was the first election that implemented the state’s new voter ID law. 

The State Board of Election Commissioners Official Complaint Form that was filed states the following: 

“In addition to the other complaints already filed regarding Lonoke County, Robert Camp was denied his right to vote the morning of May 22 at Concord Methodist Church in Lonoke County because of the illegal use of a driver’s license scanner. 

Robert presented his Voter Identification, and rather than verifying his voter registration by comparing it to the poll book, Robert was forced to place his 
driver’s license in the scanner. The scanner was not working with Robert’s valid 
diver’s license, so Robert was denied a ballot and asked leave. 

Robert was not offered a regular or provisional ballot. If the scanner was not 
working properly, the poll workers should have manually looked at Robert’s license and compared it to the poll books. 

Robert reports that this refusal to give a ballot to anyone whose license was not
scanned happened to many voters at this location prior to his arrival, including to his wife.”

Read the full document here