NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A new addition to Argenta hopes to draw more people to the arts district and help keep visitors safe.

On Thursday morning, North Little Rock, Rock Region Metro, and the Argenta Downtown Council launched the first of two “parklets” on Main Street.

The outdoor spaces use four converted parking spots to create table and chair space complete with safety rails, a new deck, and planters that will be changed and maintained by local businesses. 

The goal is to extend the popular outdoor dining visitors enjoyed during COVID and help keep pedestrians separate from the trolley route that passes by. 

Leaders say this is something the city hasn’t seen before.

“The people in this area are going to be real excited about the opportunities of sitting outside enjoying their meal and enjoying their drink,” Ward 2 council member Linda Robinson said. “This is new for Argenta.”

“They make it safer for people riding the trolley, they make it safer for people on the sidewalks to have these parklets out here,” Argenta Downtown Council executive director Chris Kent added. “It also gives us a great place to continue this outdoor dining that we’ve worked so hard on for the past three years.”

The new parklets are located on the east side of Main Street between Broadway and 4th street and on the west side between 4th and 5th streets. The west side parklet is expected to open soon.