BRYANT, Ark. — They say nothing good happens after midnight, at a Bryant Denny’s this was the case as two waiters got into a fight over chicken tenders.

Police responded to a call about a fight at Bryant restaurant on N I-30 in Bryant. The officer said that when he arrived he met with two employees who had been involved in an altercation.

The officer said that he talked to Jacob Jordan and Robert Lee who both said they got into a fight with each other.

Lee told the officer that Jordan walked into the kitchen and grabbed a plate of chicken tenders to take to a table. Lee said that he told Jordan they were for a different table. He said that this led to a fight between them with both exchanging punches.

The officer said he ran both of their IDs to find that both men had multiple warrants out of different jurisdictions.

The officer said that Robert Lee was cited on a 3rd-degree battery charge and issued court dates for a warrant out of the Bryant Police Department.

Jacob Jordan was cited on a 3rd-degree battery charge and arrested and taken to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office on a felony warrant.