Arkansans deal with dangerous road conditions after snowstorm

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As one storm ends, another is on its way and all eyes are on the roads.
From nothing but white to actually seeing the asphalt, what a difference 24-hours makes.

Some streets, however, took four people behind the bumper to get from one place to another. Levy Santil was one of the four who stopped to help a car stuck in the snow.

“I can’t just walk by and not ask to help at least,” Santil said.

After a few minutes, they finally gained some traction, and the car was able to plow through the powder. “Oh wow that was a good workout,” Santil said.

Some folks, like Greg Holland, didn’t even want to take the chance in the elements.

“I tried earlier, and I just couldn’t get out of the driveway,” Holland said.

He quickly realized his small sedan would end up in a similar situation and decided to walk close to two miles to the convenience store. He says the roads were almost as dangerous on foot as four wheels.

“I just slipped and fell so,” Holland said.

As he takes his final steps back home, he says there was one thing that made the trek all worth it.

“The person in front of me bought my coffee so that was really nice,” Holland said.

Most main thoroughfares were plowed, but the side streets had lots of snow still packed on the road.

There was a lot of slush and water on the roads during the day. That will freeze overnight and cause problems into the morning.

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